Place Value Routine 3rd Grade, Three-Digit Numbersv Math Lesson Plan Template


Lesson Plan: Place Value Routine
Grade, Three-Digit Numbers
Grade: 3rd
3.NBT.1 - Use place value understanding to round whole numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.
Materials needed:
• Math journals/paper
• Base ten blocks
• Whiteboards
Lesson Overview:
• Introductions (3 – 5 min)
• Choral Counting (5 min)
o First, we will chorally count aloud from 1 – 38, clapping for each number, when
we get to any ten, we will clap above our head. T. When did we clap above our
head? Do you notice a pattern with these numbers? What ten would be the next
to clap over our head? Is 38 closer to 30 or 40? How do you know? Yes, 38is
only 2 away from 40, so 38 rounded to the nearest ten is 40.
• Number of the Day – What do you know about today’s number? (15 – 25 min)
o Create a three-digit number with student volunteers. Pull digits from bag.
o Have students build today’s number using base ten blocks. Ask 1 student to go
build it on the board using the WMP? WMV? pieces.
o T. What do we know about today’s number? Think-pair-share, chart out
o Say the number as a class.
o Ask students to write the number. Tell them that when we write the number this
way, it is called standard form.
o Ask students to identify the place values of each digit on the board.
o Next, have the students say the word in slow motion voice as the teacher writes
it in word form. Tell them that when we write the number this way, it is called
word form.
o Have students look at how they built the number. Tell them that now we are
going to make a quick math sketch for this number. This means that we are
drawing to help us understand the number and not for an art project, so we
draw differently. J
o Ask students to look at their drawings. T. How many hundreds do we have
(number of hundreds)? How many tens do we have (number of tens)? How


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