Santa Letter Template For A Boy


Santa Claus
The North Pole
Dear Friend,
Ho, ho, ho! I was just checking my list of good boys and there is
your name. Are you surprised? I hope not! I'm very proud of you. I
know it's hard to stay out of mischief when you're a guy who's full
of energy and creativity. But no one expects children to be
perfect. Actions are important, but so is what's in your heart.
I got your wish list. Thanks so much. I see that you want some of
the hot gifts lots of boys are asking for this holiday season. It's
easy to see what you like! I'll do my best to get some of these
cool things to your home on Christmas Eve. You're going to be
Speaking of Christmas Eve, please be sure to go to bed early so
you get plenty of rest. If you think of it, please leave me a cookie
and maybe some milk. I get really hungry flying around the world
all night.


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