Junior Art Director


Company:   O CG   P R  
Position   T itle:     J unior   A rt   D irector    
  T erm   o f   E mployment:   F ull   T ime      
Reports   T o:   C reative   D irector    
Salary   R ange:   N egotiable    
Position   O verview:  
OCG   P R   ( formerly   O pen   C hannels   G roup),   a   F ort   W orth-­‐ b ased,   f ull-­‐ s ervice   p ublic   r elations   a gency   i s  
looking   f or   a n   e xperienced   g raphic   d esigner   t o   j oin   o ur   t eam   a s   J unior   A rt   D irector.   O ur   w ork   i s   t ruly  
multidisciplinary   a nd   s pans   a ll   t hings   c reative   –   b oth   t raditional   a nd   d igital.  
The   J unior   A rt   D irector   w ill   w ork   u nder   t he   d irection   o f   t he   C reative   D irector   a s   w ell   a s   t ake   t he   l ead   o n  
some   c lients   a nd   p rojects.   W e   a re   s eeking   a   c andidate   w ho   i dentifies   w ith   o ur   b rand   a nd   c ulture,   a   s elf-­‐
starter   w ho   t hrives   i n   a   f ast-­‐ p aced,   d eadline-­‐ d riven   e nvironment.    
Key   R esponsibilities:  
Including,   b ut   n ot   l imited   t o,   l eading   o r   a ssisting   w ith   t he   c onception,   p reparation,   p roduction,   a nd/or  
design   o f   t he   f ollowing:  
Brand   i magery   –   l ogo   d esign,   s upplementary   g raphics,   i nternal   c ommunications,   e tc.  
Digital   –   s ocial   m edia   g raphics,   w ebsite   d esign,   e mail   m arketing   g raphics,   e tc.  
Print   –   i nvitations,   b rochures,   s tationary   p ackages,   f lyers,   p osters,   e tc.  
5+   y ears   o f   g raphic   d esign   e xperience  
College   d egree    
Agency   e xperience   p referred  
Fluent   i n   A dobe   C reative   S uite  
Strong   l ayout   a nd   t ypography   s kills,   w ith   g reat   a ttention   t o   d etail  
Excellent   t ime   a nd   p roject   m anagement   s kills  
Ability   t o   m eet   t ight   d eadlines   a nd   t ake   d irection  
Comfortable   p resenting   c reative   i nternally   o r   t o   c lients/potential   c lients  
Ability   t o   w ork   i ndependently   o r   i n   p artnership   w ith   c lient   a ccount   t eams  
First-­‐ r ate   p roduction   s kills   i n   p rint   a nd   w eb  
Positive   a ttitude,   l oves   c oming   t o   w ork    
HTML   d esign   e xperience   a   p lus  
To   A pply:  
Send   a   c over   l etter,   r esume   a nd   l ink   t o   y our   w ebsite   o r   d igital   p ortfolio   t o   c .  
Who   i s   O CG   P R?  
Within   e ight   y ears,   w e   h ave   b ecome   o ne   o f   t he   l eading   a gencies   i n   t he   N orth   T exas   r egion.   P R   i ndustry  
authority,   O ’Dwyer’s   r ecently   r anked   u s   t he   s eventh   t op   p ublic   r elations   f irm   i n   T exas.   O ur   c ulture   a nd  
investment   i n   o ur   e mployees   h as   k ept   u s   a t   t he   t op   o f   o ur   g ame,   a nd   l ed   u s   t o   b e   n amed   a   2 012   V ision  
Fort   W orth   2 0/20   A ward   w inner   f or   b est   p laces   t o   w ork.   F ind   o ut   m ore   a t   o


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