Form Et 36 - Qualified Farm Property Annual Report Form For Estate Tax Valuation - 2005

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ET 36
Rev. 2/05
1st annual report
Estate Tax Division
Reset Form
2nd annual report
1-(800) 977-7711
Final annual report
Qualified Farm Property Annual Report
for Estate Tax Valuation (Ohio Revised Code Section 5731.011)
Estate of: Decedent’s last name
Decedent’s first name and initial
Estate tax file number
County in Ohio
Case number
Decedent’s social security number
Date of death
Date Received by
Part I – Identification
Ohio Department of Taxation
Name of preparer
City, state and ZIP code
Telephone number of preparer
Designation: please circle
Part II – Description of farm property
(please provide the location, street address and taxing district)
Part III – Current farm owner’s name(s) and street address(es)
1. Has the farm property been devoted exclusively for agricultural use, within the meaning of Ohio Revised Code section
5713.30(A) since the date of the decedent’s death?
2. Has any farm property, valued at current agricultural use value (CAUV) in the return, been sold or split off in the last
No If yes, please provide the following information:
Date of sale or transfer
Sales price $
Total acreage
Sold to
Is this a qualified heir?
3. If the property has been sold or transferred, please also provide a copy of the most current county auditor’s property
tax record card showing the CAUV calculation, parcel number, total acreage and current owner’s name.
Part IV – Signature and Verification
Under penalties of perjury, I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the statements made herein are true and
Signature of preparer


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