Authentication And Apostille Certificate Order Form


Wisconsin Secretary of State
Authentication and Apostille Certificate Ordering Instructions
The Wisconsin Secretary of State provides Authentication and Apostille certificates for documents certified by
a Wisconsin notary public or by Wisconsin public official. If your document was certified by a notary public or
public officer from a state other than Wisconsin, you need to contact that state for Authentication and Apostille
1. Print the name, address, and telephone number or email of the person completing the order form. This is the
person we will contact if we have questions regarding your order.
2. Print the name of the country or consulate that is requiring you to get the apostille or authentication certificate
for your document. You will need to complete a separate order form for each country. We cannot
authenticate or apostille documents for the United States of America. Please fill in the name of the
country requesting the apostille.
3. Complete this step ONLY if the country you listed in #2 is Argentina or Venezuela. If you listed any other
country, skip # 3 and go to # 4.
4. Indicate the number of ORIGINAL documents you are enclosing for certification. Standard service: Wisconsin
Statutes requires a $10.00 fee for each certificate; to be completed within 1-10 business days after receipt.
Expedited service – Wisconsin Statutes requires a $35.00 fee for each certificate, to be completed within 1-5
business days after receipt. WE DO NOT OFFER WHILE YOU WAIT OR SAME DAY SERVICE. Multiply the
number of certificates by $10.00 for standard service and write in the total amount due. OR Multiply the
number of certificated by $35.00 for expedited service and write in the total amount due. The Office of the
Secretary of State does not accept credit cards. Please submit either a personal or business check, money
order, or cash. Make checks payable in U.S. dollars, to Secretary of State.
5. There are several ways to receive your completed documents.
Mail: If you want us to mail your document, you must send us a self addressed stamped envelope. If you are
sending or receiving your documents through the mail, If you send us a document with a tracking number
Please be sure to write your tracking numbers down. We do not keep track of them.
FedEx, UPS, or Express Mail: Go to , , or , and pay with a credit
card online or with your Account number and print out a way bill. Please do not send in the handwritten
way bills, only use the on-line pre-printed pre-paid way bill. If you don’t have access to a computer you
can also use the order FedEx Return Shipment Order Form included in this packet and send it in with your
request. Remember writing your credit card # on this order form is not a payment method for your
Authentication or Apostille. The Office of the Secretary of State does not accept credit cards as a form
of payment. We will e-mail your tracking number to you when we are preparing your shipment.
Pick up: You can leave a phone number and we will call you when it is finished and you can come to the office
to pick up your document.
Please submit the order form, a self addressed envelope for the return of your
documents, the correct fees and the properly certified document.
If you to use a courier service or request a tracking number from the post office for the delivery and return of
your documents, please be sure to write down your tracking number before you send it to us as we are
unable to track your document.
It is helpful, when you are submitting expedited fees to process your document to write EXPEDITE clearly on
the outside of the envelope you are sending to us.
Remember to affix enough postage to cover both your documents, and the Apostille & Authentication
certificates to prevent a delay in delivery. The Certificate is a second sheet of paper attached to the document
you are submitting.
If you need further information, or have any questions, please call us at (608) 266-5503. Our office location,
and address for all special couriers, is:
Wisconsin Secretary of State
Certification Desk
30 W. Mifflin St., 10th Floor
Madison, WI 53703


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