Form 54-006 - Application For Native Prairie Or Wetlands Property Tax Exemption


Application for Native Prairie or
Wetlands Property Tax Exemption
Iowa Code Section 427.1 (23)
This application must be filed or mailed to your city or county assessor by February 1 of each year.
It must be postmarked no later than February 1.
Iowa assessors’ addresses can be found at the Iowa State Association of Assessors Web site.
Applicant Contact Information
Name: ________________________________________________________
Phone Number:___________________ eMail: ________________________
Native Prairie
Number of Acres: ____________________
County of ________________________________
I ______________________ swear or affirm that I am the owner of the following legally described property:
and that this property will not be used for economic gain of any kind during the assessment year. Also, the
property shall not be used for the storage of equipment, machinery, or crops nor shall there be any buildings,
used or unused, located on the property.
I hereby request that the above described property be exempted from property taxation as native prairie or
wetlands. I have attached to this application, or filed previously, a certificate from the Iowa Department of
Natural Resources stating that this property is qualified native prairie or wetlands.
Applicant’s Signature
Native Prairie Definition: Land that has never been cultivated, is unimproved, and is natural or restored
grasslands wherein at least 50% of the plant canopy is a mixture of grass and forb species which were found
originally on Iowa’s prairie lands.
Wetlands Definition: An area of two or more acres in a natural condition that is mostly under water or
waterlogged during the spring growing season and is characterized by vegetation of hydric soils.
This application must be filed with your local assessor by February 1 of each year.
54-006 (03/07/12)


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