Da Form 4187/da Form 31 - Agr Enlisted Active Federal Service Retirement


AGR Enlisted Active Federal Service Retirement
Applications for retirement must include DA Form 4187, DA Form 2339 and DA Form 31.
ACAP is not mandatory; therefore if orders are required for ACAP, request must be submitted via email through
your Personnel Manager at least 2 months prior to scheduled appointment. It is the soldier’s responsibility to
schedule appointment. ACAP must be scheduled at the closest ACAP facility located next to the soldier’s duty
Retirement Packet Pointers:
1. Submit DA Form 4187 requesting retirement effective the 1
day of the month you wish to retire.
does not
2. Ensure DA 31 is signed in blocks 11, 12 & 13 and that leave or PTDY
start on a Sunday
or Monday.
completely blank
3. Submit DA Form 2339
except for your signature in blocks 19 & 30.
DA Form 2339 can be found in formflow.
4. Packet should be mailed, E-mailed, or faxed
to the Human Resource Command.
You should provide a courtesy copy to your chain of command.
5. Mailing address is:
Cdr, Human Resource Command
ATTN: AHRC-ARE (Team 1,2,3 or 4 respectively)
1 Reserve Way
St Louis, MO 63132-5200
Example forms (except DA 2339) are on the pages that follow


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