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What is DA Form 2062?

DA Form 2062 or the Hand Receipt is a form used for tracking the army property. It is supplied to a US Army unit commander having assumed possession of any army property.

The commander appoints primary hand receipt holders, which, in turn, will ensure that all property is inventoried and listed on DA Form 2062 prior to signing it.

The DA Form 2062 issued on January 1982 is actual for 2018. Download a fillable version below.

What Is Da Form 2062 Used for?

The DA Form 2062 or a hand receipt is a listing of durable, non-expendable items assigned to servicemen or units in the US Army. There is no legal restriction on the number of times that property can be subhand receipted, but ideally should not exceed two.

The form can be used as:

  • A hand receipt with a Hand Receipt Annex Number;
  • A hand receipt for quarters furniture with Condition Codes;
  • A hand receipt/components receipt with Accounting Requirements Code (ARC).

How to fill out DA Form 2062?

Filling out the DA Form 2062 varies a lot, depending on the purpose of use.

  1. The first two boxes on the first page of the form always refer to the individuals or units supplying the property and to whom the property is being transferred.
  2. The third and final box on the top of the page is reserved for the serial number of the current form.
  3. The second line of the DA Form 2062 is for the annexer. This line consists of the boxes for listing the end item stock number and description, its publication number, date and quantity.
  4. The first column ot the Stock Number column is used for listing the stock numbers of the item described. Items without numbers should be requisitioned by Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers and part number from the US Army.
  5. The Item Description Column identifies the item contained in the COEI, BII, and the AAL. BII (Basic Issue Item), COEI (Components Of End Item) listings and AAL (additional authorization list) are descriptions contained in each item's Technical Manual.
  6. The second column will also contain other classification and serial numbers that will be useful in identifying and controlling the item.
  7. The third column - Column C - is filled depending on the specific use of the form. It features either the Hand Receipt Annex Number, Condition Codes (if used for quarters furniture) or Accounting Requirements Code (ARC) for a components receipt.

The rest of the DA Form 2062 is divided into a grid with one line for each item with space for the quantity of the items being transferred included at the end of each line.

More instructions on how to fill out the DA Form 2062 can be found in the Army-issued Pamphlet DA PAM 710-2-1.

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