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Indiana Department of Revenue
Indiana Utility Receipts Tax Return URT-Q(w)
This form may be used for remitting the required quarterly estimated tax payments for the current calendar year (or taxable fiscal year)
or for remitting your extension payment. Do not use Form URT-Q(w) to remit any other income tax payments. The annual Utility Receipts
Tax Return, Form URT, is available as a separate form.
If a taxpayer’s annual tax liability exceeds one thousand dollars ($1,000), the taxpayer is required to file quarterly estimated payments
and remit twenty-five (25) percent of the estimated annual tax due on each quarterly return. Assistance and preprinted quarterly payment
coupons may be obtained by calling the Corporate Income Tax Section at (317) 615-2662.
If the taxpayer’s annual liability exceeds forty thousand dollars ($40,000), the taxpayer is required to pay the quarterly estimated tax
liability by electronic funds transfer (EFT). If the payment is made by EFT, the taxpayer is not required to file an estimated return. The
EFT registration form, EFT-1 may be obtained on the Department’s web site at Questions
concerning the EFT registration process may be directed to departmental personnel by calling (317) 615-2695.
For Completing Form URT-Q(w) for Quarterly Payments
For Completing Form URT-Q(w) for an Extension Payment
Compute twenty-five (25) percent of the annual estimated utility
This web version of Form URT-Q may be used to make an
receipts tax or indicate the exact amount of tax due for the quarter.
extension payment. It is to be used when a payment is due and
additional time is necessary for filing the annual utility receipts tax
You may reduce the quarterly estimated payment by the amount of
your overpayment of tax from a prior year which was applied to
return. A penalty for late payment will not be imposed if at least
your estimated account. Enter the net amount on the appropriate
ninety (90) percent of the annual tax due is paid by the original due
date and the remaining balance, plus interest, is paid in full by the
remittance form. An authorized officer must sign and date each
remittance form. Mail payment by your quarterly return due date.
extended due date. A copy of the federal extension of time to file
form must be attached to the annual return when filed.
The effective tax rate is 1.4%.
The quarterly estimated utility receipts tax return with payment is
The extension payment is due on the fifteenth (15th) day of the
fourth month following the close of the tax year.
due on April 20, June 20, September 20 and December 20 of your
taxable year (if filing on a calendar year basis). If filing on a fiscal
year basis, the quarterly estimated utility receipts tax is payable on
The U.S. Postal Service postmark date is used to determine if a
the twentieth (20th) day of the fourth, sixth, ninth, and twelfth month
return is timely. Please be aware of the local postal service's hours
of the taxable year.
of mail pickup.
Refer to Commissioner’s Directive # 18
( )
Payments must be made with U.S. funds.
Please do not send cash, or include check
for more information.
stubs when mailing your payments.
An annual URT reporting form with instructions is available at:
Taxpayer Name
Form URT-Q(w)
Utility Receipts Tax Payment
State Form
Street Address
Federal ID Number
Zip Code
Signature of Officer
Voucher - Check box to show which payment you are making:
2nd Quarter
1st Quarter
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter
Extension Payment
Daytime Phone #
Indiana Department of Revenue.
Make check payable to the
Calendar or Fiscal Year Ending
Due Date
Estimated Utility Receipts Tax Due.
P.O. BOX 7228


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