2-Year-Old Welcome Packet - Hippo Classroom Supply List Template Page 3


Your Child’s Personal Space
Each child has a space in our classroom designated for their personal items, such as coat,
back-pack, extra clothes, papers to take home, etc
All clothing, backpacks, & nap items should
be labeled with your child’s name! Your child’s nap items must all fit into 1 bag and may not
exceed 4 items (crib sheet, pillow, blanket, 1 soft animal). This bag will be sent home each
Friday with all nap items and we ask that you wash and return these same items in the bag on
Monday morning (unless you have a part time schedule). Other toys from home are not
allowed as it is extremely difficult for teachers to keep track of such small personal items in
addition to her classroom duties. Children have the opportunity to sleep in their classroom from
12:00-2:15pm and all students are required to rest quietly from 12:00-12:45pm.
Behavior Chart
Our classroom uses a stop light behavior system. Every day your child has a clothespin with
their name on it attached to our stop light and we start on the color yellow. When a child
exhibits inappropriate behavior, he/she is given redirection to a more appropriate
choice/behavior, but if the negative behavior continues, the child’s name is moved DOWN to the
color red. When good behavior is noticed by the teacher, the child’s name will be moved UP to
the color green. Some behaviors will result in an immediate red; for example: destruction of
property, harm to self or others, etc. Teachers are constantly reminding and encouraging
students to make good choices.
Duncan Academy East uses Jolly Phonics as a basic schedule/calendar for our school. Jolly
Phonics is an early elementary reading program that focuses on letter sounds rather than the
names of letters and they are learned in order of sounds that are easier to pronounce. This
program is one of the newest and most successful reading programs used in elementary
schools. Duncan Academy in Grain Valley has used this program for the past 3 years because
many of their students can read before attending Kindergarten.
At the beginning of the school year, 1 sound is introduced each week and will act as a focus for
all classroom activities. Students will explore the world around them while being guided by their
teachers. As the year progresses, introduction to new letters and ideas will increase. Letters,
shapes and colors are constantly being pointed out by the teacher. Counting is occurring
during play time as well as during core instruction time. Our goal is to introduce our students to
as much knowledge and fun as possible while guiding them towards positive behaviors and
Teacher schedules may change and new teachers will be introduced as our enrollment level
grows higher. Your child’s teacher information can be found outside of your classroom door.


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