Form Scc21.2 - Expedited Service Request


Form SCC21.2 – Expedited Service Request
Information & Instructions
Revised: September 1, 2013
SCC eFile
Virginia stock corporations and limited liability companies, whose purpose is to conduct general business
activities, can be formed online, in real time, using SCC eFile Express without having to pay an expedited
service fee. SCC eFile can also be used to change, without payment of an expedited service fee, the
registered agent or registered office address of a Virginia or foreign corporation, limited liability company,
limited partnership or business trust, or the principal office address of a limited liability company.
Post-formation documents that are eligible for online submission using the SCC eFile PDF submission option
can be expedited, subject to the conditions set forth below, except that (i) the Expedited Service Request form
is not needed and (ii) documents submitted while the Commission is closed shall be deemed to have been
received by the Clerk’s Office at the start of the next business day on which the Commission is open.
for more information about SCC eFile and the transactions it supports.
General Considerations
The Clerk’s Office of the State Corporation Commission will use its best efforts to timely review and process
business entity documents that are submitted for expedited service in accordance with these instructions and
Expedited service requests will be processed, to the extent possible, in the order in which they are received.
No document submitted for normal processing will be upgraded to receive expedited processing until Form
SCC 21.2 and the requisite expedite fee(s) are received by the appropriate staff in the Clerk’s Office and the
staff locates the document.
The following transactions are not subject to expedited services: requests for reinstatement packets;
providing copies of filed documents and certificates of fact, including certificates of good standing and
existence; UCC filings; tax lien filings; registered agent resignations; annual report filings; annual continuation
report filings; annual registration fee payments; and service of process. These matters are only subject to
regular processing, but most of the italicized transactions can be completed in real time through
Request Requirements
An Expedited Service Request form (Form SCC21.2) must be completed and placed on top of each business
entity document that is submitted on paper for expedited service (so the submission can be readily identified
as a request for expedited service). Generally, each document that is to be expedited requires its own
expedite form and fee. See Multiple Submissions, below, for additional information and exceptions.
Payment for all required fees (including expedite, filing, charter/entrance, reinstatement and information order
fees) must accompany the expedited service request. Include one check for the total of all fees related to the
The Expedited Service Request form has been prescribed by the Clerk’s Office and, therefore, may not
include information that is not called for on the form. Additional information and requests may be included in
a cover letter, which should be placed immediately behind the Expedited Service Request form.
Hand Deliveries
To ensure that a hand-delivered document is promptly identified as an “expedite” at the time of delivery, it
must be presented to the information desk of the Clerk’s Office either (i) removed from its envelope (or with
no envelope), with an Expedited Service Request form (SCC21.2) on top, or (ii) in an envelope that
prominently displays the words “FORM SCC21.2 ENCLOSED.”
(Note: “Hand deliveries” do not include documents delivered to the Commission by overnight delivery


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