Form Tr-573.1 - Income Tax Return New York State


New York State requires this income tax return to be filed electronically.
New York State law requires income tax returns prepared using software to be e-filed. Because
this New York State tax return was prepared using software, you MUST file it electronically.
Besides being the law, e-filing has many advantages:
Taxpayers using e-file get their New York State refunds twice as fast as paper filers.
E-filing is fast, easy, and secure.
There are no additional costs for e-filing. Once you’ve paid for your New York State tax
preparation software, you’re entitled to FREE e-filing of your New York State return.
90% of New Yorkers enjoy the benefits of e-filing.
Visit our Web site for more information about New York’s e-file mandate.
TR-573.1 (11/14)


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