Inspection Request Form For Security Deposit Refunds

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Inspection request form for security deposit refunds
Prior to April 2012, a security deposit was required by the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) as
part of the building permit application process to be used against the cost of any deficiencies or
damage caused to municipal roads, works, or property during construction.
Whistler’s building and plumbing regulation bylaw was amended April 3, 2012: A highway use,
clearing, and inspection fee has now been implemented, and a security deposit is no longer required.
The RMOW wants to return any outstanding security deposits. The following are directions to apply
for an inspection and the refund of your security deposit:
1. Complete the form below to request an inspection. Submit it by fax (604-935-8149) or email
Upon receipt of this form, the RMOW building department will review records for the property to
determine the status of roads and utilities inspections. Staff will contact you to provide a list of
outstanding inspections and the dates when inspections will be performed. Access to buildings will
not be required. You will be notified of inspection results and any deficiencies.
2. Complete work to resolve any deficiencies identified by municipal staff.
An inspection fee of $58.78 will be deducted from the security deposit for each inspection that may be
Following the approval of the roads/utilities inspection, a cheque in the amount of the security deposit
(less any inspection fees) will be made payable to the owner of the property at the time the
building permit was issued.
Building permit #:___________________________ Property address:_______________________________
Contact information:
Mailing address:
_______________________________________ Postal code:________________________
Phone #:
Email: ________________________________________
Roads inspection date:
Utilities inspection date:


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