2010 Mississippi Science And Engineering Fairs Elementary Registration Form For Grades 1-6


2010 Mississippi Science & Engineering Fairs
Elementary Rules & Regulations for Grades 1-6
Mississippi Science and Engineering Regional Fairs will be conducted in accordance with the ISEF 2010 Rules and Guidelines
Booklet. The Key Teacher at each school must obtain a copy of the ISEF Rules and Guidelines Booklet and assume
responsibility, together with student exhibitors, for complete compliance with these rules. Each school may only participate in
the regional fair held for the county in which the school is located.
Elementary School Registration
• Class I – Grades 1, 2, and 3; Class II – Grades, 4, 5, and 6.
• Schools MUST submit registration forms by February 19, 2010.
• The MSEF registration form MUST have the signatures of the exhibitor’s parent and sponsoring teacher. Incomplete or
unsigned forms will be rejected. Rejected registrations cannot be resubmitted. Projects rejected for incompleteness or
violations will not receive a refund of registration fees.
• MSEF registration fees ($10 per student) MUST be included with registration forms. Each school must submit
only ONE CHECK for all registration fees.
Elementary Project Requirements
• Maximum display dimensions are as follows: 76 cm (30 in) deep; 122 cm (48 in) wide; 274 cm (108 in) high, including
table. Table height should not exceed 91 cm (36 in). Students are responsible for providing a table if needed.
• No electricity is available for elementary projects. Those interested in developing electrical related projects may choose
to use DC dry cell power sources. Wet cell power sources (i.e., automotive or marine batteries) are NOT allowed.
• Students in grades 1-6 may enter a project in any MSEF Fair involving humans and/or living vertebrate animals. ALL
students should check Form 1A, #8 and review the flowcharts for additional forms. Any project involving humans
and/or living vertebrate animal, which does not comply with this rule, will be disqualified.
• Elementary projects involving human subjects are limited to questionnaires pre-approved by school officials. The
Institutional Review Board (IRB) MUST review and approve all projects dealing with humans before
experimentation begins. IRB signatures are required on Form 4A, in addition to the SRC signature on Form 1B. When
students conduct questionnaires, the students, their parents, and the school are responsible for protecting the rights and
welfare of the participating human subjects. The school MUST monitor administration of all questionnaires; seeing that
all legal requirements are met and that informed consent forms are used for any subjects less than 18 years of age. All
informed consent forms (Form 4B) MUST be available with the project during judging. One Form 4B MUST be
attached to the registration with all other required forms. • All MSEF Fairs will follow ISEF Rules for Display listed on
pages 5-7 of the ISEF Regulations and Guidelines Booklet. In addition to those rules, MSEF Rules prohibit the display
of the following items:
• Laboratory chemicals including water
• Any object made of glass
Specific federal laws that attention should be paid to are as follows: 1) CFR, Title 45(Public Welfare), Part 47-Protection
of Human Subjects (45CFR47); 2) CFR, Title 45(Public Welfare) Part 5b-Privacy Act Regulations (45CFR5b); and 3)
Public Health Service Act 42 U.S.C., S241 (d) (Protection of Privacy of Individuals who are Research Subjects). These
documents are available from the Office for Protection from Research Risks, National Institutes of Health, Bldg 31 Room
5B63, 9000 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20892.
The ISEF Rules and Guidelines Booklet can be found at
MSEF Forms can be found at


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