Government Resume Template


Government Resume Guide
The following is a guide to create a government resume. A government resume is different from a standard
resume because more specific information is needed to evaluate your application. Your resume is also used
to determine what pay level you qualify for if you are offered a position/internship with the USDA, Forest
Service. Due to the amount of information we request, the government standard resume is expected to be at
least two pages.
1. Personal Information
A. Full name (extra large font)
B. Mailing address
C. RELIABLE phone number with area code (preferably 2 numbers – home and cell phone)
D. RELIABLE email address
2. Objective
A. Mention your interest in the position you are applying for in sentence format (trail Crew?
Fire fighting? Position with US Forest Service? Etc.)
3. Education
(Required-List most current first)
A. School (name, city, and state)
B. Major, expected graduation date
C. GPA (Optional)
D. Courses completed related to job desire (Optional)
E. Special Academic Awards (i.e. Dean’s List, Perfect attendance, Honor roll, etc.)
4. Work Experience
(Required-List most current first)
You are required to provide all of the following information below for each
experience you put on your resume including internships.
A. Business, Company, or Agency (Name, City, State)
B. Position Title (ex. Waitress, Cashier, Construction worker, Field Worker)
C. Period you worked (ex. Jan. 2007 – Aug. 2007 or Jan. 3, 06 – Aug 15, 08)
D. Hours worked (ex. 20 hours per week, 50hr/month, 150 total hours)
E. Wage earned per hour ($10 per hour, $8/hr)
F. Job Duties and description. Use complete sentences (bullet points)
G. Supervisor information if available (name and phone #)
5. Volunteer Experience (Recommended)
A. You can use a volunteer experience like work experience. Just use the guidelines
mentioned in work experience that apply. You can also briefly list each volunteer experience
using bullet points.
6. Awards and Certificates (Recommended)
A. Using bullet points, list accomplishments (awards, certificates, scholarships, etc.) (i.e.
MVP soccer, Employee of the Month, Science Award, etc.)
Revised 10/20/10


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