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Financial Analyst: Wish to work for a multinational or any other distinguished financial institution, which can
offer a great variety of tasks and provide challenging opportunities in the field s of international finance, capital
budgeting, investment appraisal, or dealing of financial instruments. As a straight forward kind a person, who is
not afraid of any kind of workload in order to get the job done, would like to use analytical and interpersonal skills
and creative thinking in work related. Plan to learn everything in the field of finance and to move up to higher
positions in order to gain new experiences.
Finland. Bachelor of business administration Spring 1997 ,International Business, Major GPA: 3.96, Overall GPA:
3.96, The BBA-program of the Helsinki school of economics is a very intensive business college, where all the
fields of business from HRM to Macroeconomics are covered in three week periods. The school was recently
ranked second best among all the same kind of institutions in Europe by Herald Tribune. The courses are taught by
professors coming from various business universities from all over the world, including Northwestern and Indiana
university. The emphasis in the school is on case studies and teamwork performances. Before graduation every
student must spend a mandatory study period abroad.
! Member of the Finnish Paratroops Society, which provides activities all year long, including mountain
climbing, hiking, etc. Participate in the co-ordination of these activities.
! Honored most skillful soldier during parachute training season in 1993, during my military service. The
parachute training season is a four week period of sweating, running and parachuting which is very similar to the
“Hell Week” of the Navy Seals.
! Honored Most Valuable Player of the Kempele Kin basketball team in 1993.
! Elected class president of the class lB in Kempele high school in 1990.
! Honored third best in gymnastics in Kempele high school in 1988 and second in 1989. Honored third best in
track and field in 1989. Kempele high school is a medium sized school in northern Finland with about 500
! Honored best student of our class in Kempele high school in 1988. Every year one student of every class gets a
scholarship, there are 18 classes in the school.
Filter tuner:
April - September 19XX
LK- Products is a subsidiary if the distinguished Nokia corporation. LK-Products manufactures specialized electric
filters for cellular phones, and employs about 1000 workers. My main responsibility was to tune the right frequency
for the filter and to inspect for any severe defects on the filter coming from the production line. Generally held as a
hard working and very accurate worker, according to line managers of various lines.
Filter assembler:
Every june-july during 19XX-19XX
My duty was to put all the pieces coming from the production line together following the instructions given from the
line manager.


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