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Learning from Miami
Title: Learning from Miami Background Information
Grades : K-5 (expandable to any grade)
Subject Areas: Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology
Common Core Standards:
Background information:
Palimpsest is the theme featured in “Learning from Miami”. Palimpsest is a writing tablet that
can be used over on and over after earlier writing has been erased but it can never be completely
erased because traces of the past is evident in the tablet. Miami is similar to a Palimpsest in that
contemporary buildings are built on historical sites that can be uncovered through time.
Objectives: 1. Students will acquire background information related to the theme of
2. Students will learn background information about the “Learning from Miami”
Project by surfing the website:
3. Students will identify key points about the information presented in the featured
4. Students will evaluate the presentation, make generalizations and present them
through Cornell Notes, KWL chart/concept map depending on academic level of
Materials: Smartboard, paper, pencil, KWL chart and concept map
Steps for Implementation:
1. Using a KWL chart, the students will be asked what they know about the term
“Palimpsest”. A template of a KWL chart is on page 3.
The student will view the following prezi on
either on a computer individually or as a whole group on a


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