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Smartboard. During the presentation the student will use a graphic organizer to organize their
thoughts, ideas and new information that they are learning (Cornell Notes, KWL chart or concept
map). Example of these graphic organizers are attached or provided with links.
2. Kindergarten and first grades students can draw what they see and understand about the
3. Please note that in the Prezi, there are YouTube videos embedded that specifically
illustrates and discusses different areas in Miami including the history and architecture of
the places within the Prezi. The definition and meaning of the theme “Palimpsest” is
embedded in these visuals as well.
4. Example of Cornell Note Paper can be found online at…
5. Students will discuss what the term “Palimpsest” means to them and share their findings
in small groups.
Enrichment Activities: Students will illustrate their favorite section of the Prezi and label their
illustration, write a caption for their illustration or write a complete 5 sentence paragraph about
their illustration depending on their academic level.
Ell Strategies: graphic organizers, visuals, technology
Remediation Strategies: Students can illustrate their favorite section of the Prezi that illustrates
an important aspect of background information and use the computer to create a concept web
related to their illustration. A sample of a concept web can be found at:


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