5 - Year - Old Welcome Packet Cub Classroom Supply List Template Page 4


Cub Classroom…ALL ABOUT ME!
Full name __________________________ Birthday ____________________
Address ___________________________________________________
Parent name(s) ______________________________
List the days that we will see you at school:
Siblings or pets? _________________________________________________
Favorite color ________________ Favorite song _______________
Favorite character(s) ___________________________
Any allergies or medical issues that we should be aware of:
When I am sad, something that comforts me is…
(Circle one of the given choices!)
My current restroom status:
coverage during naptime
I am a:
Picky eater
Willing to try new foods
I eat everything!
My napping routine:
always sleep
sometimes sleep
No nap!
Please describe your nap items so we know what to look for each week
Please submit a family photo for our class family tree & return this page to your


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