Format Of A Business Letter


Format of a Business Letter
There are three basic business-letter formats. Any of these formats is appropriate and acceptable for the
test, however we will only be working with block formatting so that the overall appearance of the letter
is attractive and the formatting is easy to remember.
Note: Students should double-space word-processed work in order to make revisions more easily. This
should be applied only to the body of the letter and not to the other parts.
Parts of the Business Letter
1. Heading
The heading consists of your address and the date.
PO Box 8207
Toronto ON L2R 3V6
January 3, 2010
905 13 Spring Road
Toronto ON L2R 3V6
January 3, 2010
2. Inside Address
The inside address consists of the name and address of the person to whom you are writing. It usually
appears four lines below the heading if a word processor is used or one line below if it is handwritten.
Sam Hunt, Director
The Knitting Mill
1409 3 Avenue
Toronto ON L3V 7O1
3. Salutation
The most traditional salutation or greeting for a business letter is Dear followed by Mr., Ms., Mrs., or
Miss, and the person’s last name, followed by a colon.
Dear Mr. Smith:
Dear Mrs. Brown:
Dear Ms. Black:
Dear Miss Green:
4. Body
The body is the main part of the letter in which you write what you have to say to the addressee. Skip
one line after the salutation.
• Be concise. Ensure that sufficient information is given so that your purpose is clearly understood and
your request is well received.
• Business letters are usually formal, so the language that you use should also be formal.
5. Closing
The closing is the ending to your letter. It appears at the bottom of the letter, directly under the body.
Only the first word in the closing should be capitalized. It is always followed by a comma.
6. Signature


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