Property Tax Appeal Form - Idaho Board Of Tax Appeals

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Idaho Board of Tax Appeals
BTA Docket Number
Property Tax Appeal Form
For each parcel assessment appealed, a separate appeal form must be filed.
1. Appellant Name: ________________________________________________
G Natural Person
G Corporation
G Public Officer
Appellant is a:
G Partnership
G Joint Venture
G Trust
G Other _______________
2. Appellant Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________
Zip Code
3. Appellant Phone: (
4. Representative Name:
Title: __________________
a. Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________
Zip Code
b. Representative Phone: ( _____ ) ______ - _______
c. Attorney’s Idaho License #: ________
5. Appellant hereby appeals from the decision of the
County Board of Equalization, which is
, and was mailed on _________________ , ________ (if known).
6. Exemption Claimed:
Exemption Statute: _________________________
7. Attach a copy of the assessment notice related to the appeal; Parcel #: ____________________________
8. Values Set by the County Board:
Appellant’s Value Claim as of January 1:
Total Market Value
Total Market Value
9. Basis or reason for appeal:
10. The undersigned attests the contents of this appeal are correct.
Appellant’s Signature (or Duly Qualified Representative)
Date Signed
Print Name
This appeal must be filed with the County Clerk/Auditor.
Date Filed With County Auditor
See Reverse Side for Instructions
Rev. 1/15


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