Instructions For Forms Ft-941 And Ft-941.1 - Terminal Operator'S Monthly Report Of Diesel Motor Fuel And Motor Fuel Inventory And Terminal Operator'S Individual Account Reconciliation


Instructions for Forms FT-941 and FT-941.1
Terminal Operator’s Monthly Report of Diesel Motor Fuel and Motor Fuel
Inventory and Terminal Operator’s Individual Account Reconciliation
– Enter the complete name and business address of the
terminal operator. Enter terminal operator’s license
To Registered 12-A Motor Fuel Distributors, Diesel
number, if any (required for storage of motor fuel).
Motor Fuel Distributors, Retailers of Heating Oil Only
– Enter the business address and the address of the
and Distributors of Kero-Jet Fuel Only:
If you are registered under Article 12-A of the Tax Law, you
– Enter your sales tax vendor identification number and
are not required to complete the inventory information for
federal employer identification number.
diesel motor fuel and motor fuel stored provided that:
– Enter your registration number (if any), for motor fuel,
(a) all product stored at the facility is owned by you; and
diesel motor fuel, retailer of heating oil only, or distributor
(b) you account for fuel on your monthly:
of kero-jet fuel only.
– Form PT-101, Tax on Motor Fuels (includes aviation
Box A — Check this box if you qualify for exemption from
detailed reporting because you are registered under Article
– Form PT-102, Tax on Diesel Motor Fuel
12-A and are storing only your own fuel (see Notice above).
– Form PT-104, Tax on Kero-Jet Fuel
Box B — Enter the number of FT-941.1 forms attached.
– Form PT-106, Retailers of Heating Oil Only
or your quarterly:
Enter the following, in gallons, by type of fuel. For each
– Form PT-201, Retailers of Heating Oil Only
line (1-5) add the figures across and enter the total in the
– Form PT-202, Tax on Kero-Jet Fuel
Total Gallons column.
If you are in this category, simply check box A and sign and
Line 1 — Enter the total book inventory of fuel on hand at
date the FT-941 for that facility.
the end of the month. These amounts are determined by
If you are registered under Article 12-A and store fuel for
adding the net inventory reported on line 7 of Form(s)
others, you must complete and file Form FT-941 accounting
FT-941.1 filed for each type of fuel for each account.
for all fuel in the facility, and attach a separate Form
FT-941.1 for each account that you store for another.
Line 2 — If you are registered under Article 12-A and you
also store your own fuel at this facility, enter the inventory
Who Must File
of each type of fuel and the total of the inventory.
– Anyone who is required to register as a terminal
Line 3 — Add lines 1 and 2 and enter the totals.
operator, pursuant to section 283-b of the Tax Law.
– Anyone storing any motor fuel or diesel motor fuel at
Line 4 — Enter the gallons stored in the facility as
storage facilities with a total storage capacity of 50,000
determined by taking a physical inventory.
gallons or more, excluding a facility where the motor fuel
is stored solely for its retail sale or for self-use.
Line 5 — Enter the difference (loss in brackets [ ]), if any,
between lines 3 and 4 and explain any difference as part of
Motor fuel is gasoline, benzol or other product except
this report where indicated.
kerosene and crude oil, that is suitable for use in a motor
vehicle engine.
Line 6 — Enter the date (month and day) you completed
the physical inventory.
Diesel motor fuel is kerosene, crude oil, diesel fuel, fuel oil
or other middle distillate, and also fuel suitable for use in
Explanation line - Explain the inventory difference reported
the operation of a motor vehicle diesel engine.
on line 5, if any.
– You must file a separate Form FT-941 each month for
– Sign and date the report.
each facility where diesel motor fuel or motor fuel is
stored, excluding a facility where the fuel is stored solely
– Mail the completed Form FT-941, with all required
for its retail sale or for self-use.
attachments, within 25 days after the end of the month
covered by this report, to:
– In addition, if fuel is stored at the facility for another
person’s account, you must attach a separate
Form FT-941.1 for each such account.
PO BOX 5500
ALBANY NY 12205-0500
Instructions for Form FT-941, Terminal
Operator’s Monthly Report of Diesel Motor
Instructions for Form FT-941.1, Terminal
Fuel and Motor Fuel Inventory
Operator’s Individual Account Reconciliation
– Enter the month and year covered by this report.
– Enter the month and year covered by this report.


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