Test Reflection


Test Reflection
Name _________________________
Review I found most helpful _____
Test Grade _____ % Current Letter Grade _____
I ( am / am not ) on track for exempting the final exam. Solid B, no unexcused absences, two or less tardies
After taking the test, highlight the learning targets that you will need to focus on for the final exam.
Make notes as to how you would study these targeted sections.
Blood and Cardiovascular System
Review 2016
Unit Target: Describe the role of the cardiovascular system in linking all parts of the body.
Learning Target: Describe the components of blood and the functions of each component. (K) eBackpack notes,
Regarding red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets:
-scientific name
-the definition of “formed elements”
Describe plasma
State the function of plasma
Learning Target: Identify the different components of blood visible on prepared slides. (K) Google Presentation
and worksheet
(Lab portion)
Learning Target: Use quantitative and qualitative test results as a diagnostic tool. (S) WBS and RBC counts lab
Interpret the results of a blood test. (You’ll be given test results for 3 patients and asked to interpret them.)
-Why is a blood sample considered an important diagnostic tool?
-Define “qualitative test “ and “quantitative test”.
-What does the word “morphology” mean?
-Compare a total WBC count to a differential WBC count.
-Why are RBC counts taken?
-Why are WBC counts taken?
Learning Target: Compare and contrast antigens and antibodies. (R) eBackpack notes
-What do blood antigens tell us? Where are they found?
-What are antibodies? Where are they found in the blood?
-Determine blood type based on the antigens and antibodies present.
Monday, February 29, 2016 at 10:56:03 AM Central Standard Time


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