Form 45 Instructions - Use Tax Return For Contractors - Wyoming Department Of Revenue


Wyoming Department of Revenue
Use Tax Return for Contractors
Form 45
Important Information
 In the space provided for the report period,
please enter the month you are reporting the
Contractors must file a form 45 only when
there is tax to report in a given month.
tax for.
 All returns must be postmarked by the last
 In the space provided for the due date for the
day of the month following the last day in
return, please enter the last day of the month
the reporting period. i.e. A return filed for
following the month being reported.
February 1, 2011 through February 28, 2011
 If you are filing an amended return, please
must be postmarked by March 31
2011. If
the last day of the month falls on a weekend
check the box at the top of the form under
or holiday the returns must be postmarked
the return due date to indicate this is an
by the following business day.
amended return.
 Please make a copy of this return for your
 Enter the project numbers that you are
remitting use tax for in the boxes provided.
 Submit completed returns and payment to:
 Please ensure that you sign and date the
Wyoming Department of Revenue
122 West 25
form before submitting to the department.
Herschler Bldg. 2
Floor West
Any unsigned or incomplete tax returns
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0110
will be rejected and a new return will be
sent to the taxpayer for completion. The
 In the box indicated enter your business
new return must be completed in its
name and mailing address.
entirety and must be signed.
 To the right of the name and address box,
Skip to Part II Jurisdictional Tax
enter your Ownership RID number issued by
the department.
 Please enter your FIEN number or the last
This section is used to itemize use tax to the
jurisdiction where delivery of the
four digits of the owner’s social security
items/materials took place. All use tax due
will be reported using only the county
level jurisdiction name and digit code, as
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