Fiscal Year 2011 Snap Participation Grant Summaries - U.s. Department Of Agriculture


San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency received $898,913 to update
the existing imaging application, to automate workflow management and create a new
web portal that allows clients to track case status and view benefit amounts online.
Alabama Department of Human Resources received $452,151 to make
improvements to the MYDHR web application that will allow applicants and recipients to
check basic case information online, submit changes, and provide verification materials.
Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) received $635,112 to
develop and pilot the Ohio SNAP Document Management Workflow System. The
system will include the ability to scan and manage documents while integrating
automated business processes.
Hawaii Department of Human Services (DHS), received $1,035,000 to develop and
implement a document imaging, management, and automated verification system-
Automated Connection Coordination for Economic Self-Sufficiency – Hawaii (ACCESS-
Hawaii). This project will occur in two phases: (1) Application overflow system which
will allow overburdened eligibility offices to transfer files to any office for processing, and
(2) Automated document verification system that will permit interoperability with the system. The system allows the automatic verification of birth certificates
and social security cards.
Broome County Department of Social Services (New York) received $74,596 for
start up costs to purchase equipment to establish a call center, caseload management
software, and to conduct a business process re-engineering (BPR) analysis. The BPR
analysis will examine the current SNAP office processes.
State of Maine, Department of Health and Human Services-Office of Integrated
Access and Support received $257,650 to initiate transition to a statewide document
management system. The grant will finance the first phase of the project for scanning
equipment, programming technicians and training.
City and County of San Francisco, CALWIN Consortium received $930,496.
Eighteen counties are part of the consortium. The grant will fund an online application
tool, MyBenefits Portal, introduction of kiosks stations throughout the Consortium, and
development of a phone app- used to share information between client and county.
The Cabinet for Health and Family services (CHFS) received $716,072 to develop an
online application, online submission of the interim review by recipients, and a web
portal that allows clients to access case information, send and receive electronic
messages to their eligibility worker and access archived notices


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