Form Usc-1i - Instructions For Preparing Form Ucs-1 Employer Registration Report - Florida Department Of Revenue


R. 10/00
Instructions For Preparing Form UCS-1
Employer Registration Report
You are required to report employment to the State of Florida Department of Revenue in the
month following the quarter in which payroll begins. Do not submit the employer
registration report until payroll has actually begun in Florida.
Enter the Federal Employer Identification Number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service for
reporting Social Security and Withholding Tax.
2. Enter the legal name of the business.
3. Enter the exact trade name(s) of the business. Enter the telephone number for contact regarding
business activity.
4. Enter the address to which all communications from the Department should be mailed and include
the zip code.
5. Enter the Florida location of the business. If it is same as the mailing address, enter “SAME”. If
domestic (household) employment, enter the location where services are performed.
6. Identify the legal entity type of the business. If a corporation, identify the state or country in which
the business was incorporated. If the type of organization is other than those shown, please explain
on a separate sheet of paper.
7. Place a check mark next to the employer type (type of employment). If a nonprofit organization, a
copy of the 501 (c)(3) exemption letter from the Internal Revenue Service must be attached.
8. Domestic employment includes services such as maids, valets, baby sitters, janitors, cooks,
housekeepers, caretakers, and others. A nonlicensed caregiver to an individual in a private capacity
is domestic employment.
9. Corporations cannot be considered domestic employers.
11. Agricultural employment includes any service performed on a farm in the employ of the owner,
tenant, or any other operator of a farm in connection with production or harvesting of any
agricultural or horticultural commodity or in connection with the maintenance or operation of farm
equipment or grounds. The planting and harvesting of pine trees are not considered agricultural
8. If you had one or more employees for some portion of a day in 20 different weeks during the current
calendar year or the previous year in any state or states, you are probably liable to pay taxes under the
Federal Unemployment Compensation Tax Act (FUTA 940) and would automatically be liable under the
Florida Unemployment Compensation Law for any employment in this state effective the first day you
employed someone in Florida.


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