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In accordance with Chapter 12-15 of the General Laws of Rhode Island, as amended, 1956; “Before any such person, firm, or corporation shall
cut or saw…(s)he shall at least five (5) days prior to such cutting or sawing notify the Department of Environmental management on forms
prepared by [the Division of Forest Environment], of the location of the area and/or property.” This law pertains to all holdings of five (5) or
more acres, or if the annual cut exceeds five thousand (5,000) board feet or twenty-five (25) cords in any one year.
The undersigned operator hereby notifies the Department of Environmental management that (s)he will cut or saw forest
products on or after ___________________________
Operator’s name: ____________________________ Operator’s signature: _____________________________________
Operator’s telephone No. ___________________ Date of Application: __________________ Registration No. _________
Location of Land (
): _______________________________________________________________
street address or pole number
____________________________________________________________ Town: _______________________________
Landowner’s name: ___________________________ Landowner’s Signature __________________________________
I have read the brochure: “Be a Smart Consumer – Call Before You Cut”
YES______ NO______
NOTICE TO LANDOWNER: If you do not have a copy of the above brochure, but would like to obtain one, contact the Division of Forest Environment
at the address below, or telephone the office at (401) 568-2013 and a free copy will be sent to you.
Landowner’s Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
(If different from property being cut or sawn)
Landowner’s phone No. _____________________
Limited cutting or clearing of vegetation in freshwater wetlands must be done in accordance with Rules 6.01 and 6.02 of the State of Rhode
Island, Department of Environmental Management Rules and Regulations Governing the Administration and Enforcement of the Freshwater
Wetlands Act (Chapter 42-35 of the General Laws of Rhode Island, as amended 1956); adopted April 1998.
Are wetlands present on the property to be cut or sawn? (YES)
: _______________ (NO) (NOT SURE)
If yes, type of wetland
Approximate acreage to be cut or sawn: ____________________ Approximate Volume of wood product(s) to be removed
in thousand board feet (MBF) or cords: __________________________________________________________________
mixed oaks: ____________ white pine: _____________ mixed hardwoods: ___________ red pine ___________
red maple: _______________
other: ________________________________________
Instructions: Print three (3) copies of filled form. Return three copies of form, along with a check or money order for twenty-five dollars ($25.00),
payable to Division of Forest Environment. Completed forms and payments may be left in any Division of Forest Environment office or mailed to:
RIDEM Forestry
RIDEM Forestry
235 Promenade Street
260 Arcadia Road
Providence, RI 02908
Hope Valley, RI 02832
Incomplete, unclear, unsigned forms, or forms submitted without the twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fee will be returned.
Date Received: ________________________ Date Inspected: ____________________________ Date Approved: ________________________
$25.00 fee received: (YES) (NO) Received by: _________________________ Check No. ____________________ File No. __________________
Inspecting Officer’s Signature: ____________________________________________________ Copy to Compliance and Inspection: (YES) (NO)
DFE-ITC 9/2017


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