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Return the completed form and any documentation to:
If you need help completing this form, call:
Mail to: U.S. Department of Education, FedLoan Servicing,
Domestic: 855-265-4038.
P.O. Box 69184, Harrisburg, PA 17106-9184.
International: 717-720-1985.
TTY: dial 711, then enter 800-699-2908.
Fax to: 717-720-1628.
Upload to: , if FedLoan
Servicing is already your servicer.
You may receive loan forgiveness under this program only
after you have made 120 qualifying payments (see
If you make a lump sum payment by using an
"Payment Eligibility") on eligible loans (see "Loan Eligibility"
AmeriCorps Segal Education Award or a Peace Corps
on page 5) while working full-time in qualifying
transition payment, or if a lump sum payment is made on
employment (see "Employment Eligibility" on page 5).
your behalf through a DOD student loan repayment
program, the Department will give you credit for qualifying
To receive PSLF, you must make 120 on-time, full,
payments equal to the lesser of (1) the number of payments
scheduled, separate monthly payments on your Direct Loans
resulting after dividing the amount of the lump sum
under a qualifying repayment plan after October 1, 2007.
payment by the monthly payment amount you would have
made under one of the qualifying repayment plans listed
On-time payments are those that are received by your
below; or (2) 12 payments.
servicer no later than 15 days after the scheduled payment
due date.
If you make an eligible lump sum payment using a Peace
Corps transition payment, you must do so within 6 months
Full payments are payments on your Direct Loan in an
of the Employment End Date, as reported in Section 3.
amount that equals or exceeds the amount you are required
to pay each month under your repayment schedule. If you
You may only use an AmeriCorps Segal Education Award
make a payment that is less than what you are required to
or Peace Corps transition payment one time to receive
pay for that month, that month's payment will not count as
credit for more than one qualifying payment towards PSLF.
one of the required 120 qualifying payments. If you make
However, lump sum payments made on your behalf under a
multiple, partial payments in a month and the total of those
DOD student loan repayment program may be counted as
partial payments equals or exceeds the required full
up to 12 qualifying payments for each year that a lump sum
monthly payment amount, those payments will count as
payment is made.
one qualifying payment.
Your payments must be made under a qualifying
Scheduled payments are those that are made while you
repayment plan. Qualifying repayment plans include the
are in repayment. They do not include payments made while
REPAYE plan, the PAYE plan, the IBR plan, the ICR plan, the
your loans are in an in-school or grace status, or in a
10-Year Standard Repayment plan, or any other Direct Loan
deferment or forbearance period.
repayment plan, but only payments that are at least equal to
the monthly payment amount that would be required under
You must make separate monthly payments. Except as
the10-Year Standard Repayment plan.
explained below, lump sum payments or payments you
make as advance payments for future months do not count
Though repayment plans other than the REPAYE, PAYE,
as more than one qualifying payment. If you want to pay
IBR, and ICR plans are qualifying repayment plans for PSLF,
more than your scheduled monthly payment amount, follow
you must enter REPAYE, PAYE, IBR, or ICR to have a
the instructions on your bill to let your servicer know that
remaining balance to forgive after becoming eligible for
your payment is not intended to cover future installments.
PSLF. Otherwise, your loans will be fully repaid within 10
Otherwise, you may not receive credit for future qualifying
years. To apply for these plans, visit
IMPORTANT: The Standard Repayment Plan for Direct
If you were an AmeriCorps or Peace Corps volunteer, you
Consolidation Loans made on or after July 1, 2006 has
may receive credit for making qualifying payments if you
repayment periods that range from 10 to 30 years. Monthly
make a lump sum payment by using all or part of a Segal
payments you make under this plan are qualifying payments
Education Award or Peace Corps transition payment.
only if the repayment period is 10 years, which would be the
case only if the total amount of the consolidation loan and
You may also receive credit for qualifying payments if a
your other eligible student loans is less than $7,500.
lump sum payment is made on your behalf through a
student loan repayment program administered by the U.S.
Department of Defense (DOD).
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