Sample Cover Letter


Sample Cover Letter
March 20, 20XX
Ms. Mary Smith
Hiring Manager
XYZ Company
123 Main Street
Anytown, New Jersey 08611
Dear Ms. Smith,
I am responding to your job posting on for the Call Center Specialist
Include the position
position at your New Jersey headquarters. I have extensive experience as a call center
you are applying for
agent. As a team lead, I have thrived on educating and mentoring other agents, which fits
and where (or through who) you
heard about the opening.
perfectly with your strong training culture and customer service focus.
In my current position, I am a call center agent for a large telecom company where I have
Describe what you can
progressed from a data entry operator, to an entry-level call center agent, to my existing
offer the employer. Match
role as a team lead in the call center. My strong communication skills, both verbal and written,
your qualifications with the job
and excellent computer and phone skills contributed to my advancement. I repeatedly ranked
in the top 10 of our monthly Customer Service Agent Excellence Survey. I have excelled in
the call center environment, and believe that my experience and skills in this environment
will be extremely valuable to XYZ company.
I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss how my background and experience could
Tell the employer how you will
benefit your organization. I will contact you on the 27th to follow up on my application.
follow up.
You can reach me via email at , or by phone at (555) 555-1234.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Pat Samples
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