Instructions On How To Fill Out The Dd Form 2536 - Fort Campbell, Usa


Instructions on how to fill out the DD Form 2536
Block 1
Please fill in everything that you are requesting except aviation assets: (example) “Band, Guest
speaker, military equipment, marching unit, Chaplain, static display, Honor Guard.” If additional
information is required it can be continued on page 2 block 24.
Block 2
Please fill in the date of the event: (example) “20150901.
Block 3
Please fill in time of the event: (example) a. From: 1200 b. To: 1500.
Block 4
Please fill in the title of the event: (example) Bay County Veterans Day Parade.
Block 5
Please fill in the expected attendance / audience of the event: (example) 1,000 people expected
to be in attendance.
Block 6
Please fill in the site of the event: (example) “Nissan Stadium or Liberty Park.”
Block 7
Please fill in the address of where the event is taking place: (example) 1234 John Smith RD
Pleasant Village KY, 12345.
Block 8
Please give a short description of the events purpose: (example) The purpose of the event is to
support our troops and their families for the veteran’s parade. If additional information is required it can
be continued on page 2 block 24.
Block 9
Please inform us of any other military organizations or Armed Forces unit that have been
requested to support this event.
Block 10
if there is any entry fee admission, parking etc. of any kind this is where it will be filled out.
Block 11
if the event is being used for any fund raising of any purpose please specify how the funds are
going to be used and distributed.
Block 12-16
Please place an X in the appropriate box.
Block 13
Please fill out the full name of the sponsoring organization.
Block 17
Please PRINT legible the sponsor/ representative information in blocks A-F.
Block 18-22
Please place an X in the appropriate block.
Block 23
Please read block 23 and sign block A: date block B: and print block C: full name and title.
Block 24
Please print a detailed description of the event to include a full time line and a sequence of
Points of Contact
SGT Pete Carlson Community Relations NCO
SSG Thomas Kuchar Community Relations, NCOIC
Pete Miraldi, Community Relations Officer
Office Number: 270-798-0537
Office Number 270-798-4365
Office Number 270-461-1277
Office Fax Number: 270-798-6247
Office Fax Number 270-798-6247
Office Fax Number 270-798-6247
DO NOT mail forms to Washington DC. Please return forms DD 2535 and DD 2536 to the POCs at Fort
Campbell's Community Relations Office listed above.


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