Recommendation Letter Sample


Malayalee Engineers’ Association (MEA), Houston, Texas, USA
Recommendation Letter
(To be sent with “Detailed Scholarship Application Form”)
Name of Applicant: _________________________________
To the Evaluating Authority: You have been requested to provide information in support of the above named
applicant who is applying for a scholarship from Malayalee Engineers’ Association, Houston, USA. We thank you for
the time and effort in providing this input which will help us make a fair evaluation of the application. Please use
additional sheets if you need more space to respond to the following questions. Applicant shall mail the Letter of
Recommendation to MEA, Houston.
1. How long have you known the applicant? In what capacity?
2. Based on your experience with other students, how would you rate the applicant in the
following categories?
Very Good
Below Average
(top 5%)
(top 20%)
(top 50%)
(below 50%)
Academic Merit: _________
Curiosity and Initiative: __________
Problem solving skills:___________ Follows through and completes tasks: __________
Leadership Skills: ___________Commitment to school and/or community: __________
Extra curricular Activities: ___________ Conduct: Respect for self and others:________
Are there any particular examples that you can relate where the applicant has distinguished
himself/herself in any of the above categories?
3. In your opinion, what are the candidate’s outstanding personality traits?
4. Please state below your personal knowledge of the applicant’s need for financial assistance to
continue his/her studies:
Name of Evaluating Authority:______________________________________________
Job Title or Designation: ________________________
Phone Number:______________
Date: __________
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