Preliminary Architect'S Engineer'S And Owner'S Certification Template


We, __________________(owner) and _________________(architect or engineer), for the purpose of
obtaining a foundation and/or building permit for the project know as____________(name of Project)
located at_________________(property address) hereby certify that, to the best of our knowledge and
belief, the drawings dated ____________and itemized__________herewith presented for Building
Pemit #_________conform to the standards of the provisions of all applicable codes, laws and
ordinances of Ocean City, including, but not limited to, the following: a) Chapter 10, Article II of the
Ocean City Code, including the International Building Code as to egress, type of construction, general
arrangement, strength, stress, stairs, loads, stability and design: b)Chapter 38, Article II, regarding
flood damage controls; c) Chapter 10, Article IV, Division 2, regarding foundation regulations in critical
areas; d)Chapter 10, Article IV, Division 1, regarding foundation requirements in general areas; and e)
Chapter 110 regarding zoning, including any plans approved by the Planning Commission and Board of
Zoning Appeals.
I,________________(architect or engineer) will/will not be responsible for on-site inspections to ensure
conformity with the above referenced codes, laws and ordinances. If responsible for inspections, I will
submit to the Building Official one copy of the inspection reports as inspections are performed, at
intervals of no more than 30 days, and upon completion of the structural, foundation, framing and final
inspections and upon final inspections of the gas or mechanical systems.
If I am not responsible for inspections, I agree to the employment of __________________________,
Registration #_____________, State of Maryland, whose qualifications have been approved by the
Chief Building Official, as a competent inspector for the above referenced work. Said inspector will
submit inspection reports as described above.
Witness our hand and seals this ____________day of _____________________.
(Owner’s name in print)
(Owner’s signature)
State of
(Architect/Engineer Seal)
(Architect/Engineer Registration No.)
Subscribed and sworn before me this ___________day of _______________________.
Notary Seal
(Notary Public Signature)
(Expiration Date)
(b) All inspection reports required by Section 10-55(a) shall be signed by the responsible inspector and
shall contain the following statement: “I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, this
structure is being constructed in accordance with approved plans for Building Permit_______________.
(c) Prior to the final approval of the project by Ocean City, the issuance of occupancy permits and approval
of execution of condominium plats, the architect, engineer and owner shall execute a final certification that
the project, as build, to their knowledge and belief, is in in compliance with the approved plans and
specification that the project, as built, has been approved by the Planning Commission and/or the Board
of Zoning Appeals of Ocean City, Maryland


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