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The Campaign - Letter Template: “Welcome/Campaign Launch”
[Coordinator name]
Welcome/Campaign Launch Letter – Template #3
Commitment to Community
The [Organization Name]’s charitable giving campaign is just one of the many ways to
show commitment to the community. Charitable contributions help address some of the most
critical issues facing our society today. Whether it’s advocating for human rights, creating
educational opportunities, or supporting any cause you care about, together we are making a
difference. I am proud of [Enter name of company] team and our continued generosity.
[Organization Name] is excited to open enrollment in our employee workplace charitable
giving program to employees! Our workplace giving campaign will run from [enter dates of
campaign]. It’s an opportunity for you to pledge financial support to the charity or charities of your
choice by convenient payroll deduction, credit card or PayPal.
If you have any questions about The Campaign, please contact [enter name of campaign coordinator
and contact info].
Be sure to visit
for updates on our agency initiatives, volunteer
opportunities and, of course, your printable tax receipt!
Thank you for all you do!
[Coordinator name]
Welcome/Campaign Launch Letter – Template #4
Leaves are falling from trees and the sweaters are out so it must be the fall season, right? No,
here at [Organization Name] we are in the Charitable Giving Campaign season. Every
day, you demonstrate your commitment to this community in the work you do for citizens.
During The Campaign, you demonstrate that commitment again by caring for
those in our community who are less fortunate. This year, our charitable campaign will run [Enter
Campaign Dates].
I recognize that many of you already give to charities here in the community and elsewhere. I
thank you for your giving! But consider giving to your charities through The Campaign. You can
also spread out that donation to a charity through the payroll deduction, allowing you to give
over time vs. a single payment. And since we are all so busy, once you designate a charity
through payroll deduction, you don’t have to do anything else.
Last year, our goal was [Enter a previous $ goal], and I was overwhelmed with your response
when we raised [Enter the actual amount raised]! Our goal this year is [Enter a $ goal].
As always, it is an ambitious goal, but one I know we can achieve together. Keep watching our


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