Form 50-771 - Property Owner'S Motion For Correction Of Appraisal Roll

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P r o p e r t y T a x
Property Owner’s Motion for Correction of Appraisal Roll
Form 50-771
In the County of
State of Texas
Appraisal Review Board
, is owner of the following property:
Property description:
Property location:
Appraisal District Property Identification Number(s):
Movant brings this motion for a hearing to correct the appraisal roll regarding Movant’s above-referenced property on the appraisal roll
certified by this Appraisal Review Board on the
day of
This motion is to correct the following:
clerical error that affects Movant’s liability for a tax imposed in tax year(s)
multiple appraisals of a property in tax year(s)
inclusion of property that does not exist in the form or at the location described in the appraisal roll for tax year(s)
; or
an error of ownership of a property for tax year(s)
Movant hereby certifies compliance with the provisions of Tax Code Section 25.26.
Movant states that the property described above is located within the
County Appraisal District and within
the following taxing units:
Movant states the specific error(s) this motion seeks to correct is or are:
Movant makes this motion pursuant to Tax Code Section 25.25(c) and (e) and requests that the Appraisal Review Board schedule a hearing to determine
whether to correct the error(s) identified above. Movant requests that the Appraisal Review Board send notice of the time, date and place fixed for the hear-
ing, not later than 15 days before the scheduled hearing, to Movant, the chief appraiser and the presiding officer of the governing body of each taxing unit
where the property is located.
Respectfully submitted,
Signature of Movant or Authorized Agent*
* A property owner may designate an agent; however, the designation does not take effect with respect to an appraisal district or taxing unit until a copy of the designation form
is filed with the appraisal district. The designation form is prescribed by the Comptroller and is available at the appraisal district and on the Comptroller’s website at www.
The Property Tax Assistance Division at the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts provides property tax
For more information, visit our website:
information and resources for taxpayers, local taxing entities, appraisal districts and appraisal review boards.
50-771 • 05-12/4


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