Form Ct-1120 Njc - New Jobs Creation Tax Credit - 2012


Department of Revenue Services
Form CT-1120 NJC
State of Connecticut
New Jobs Creation Tax Credit
(Rev. 12/12)
For Income Year Beginning: _______________________ , 2012 and Ending: ________________________ , _________ .
Connecticut Tax Registration Number
Corporation name
Complete this form in blue or black ink only.
This tax credit contains a recapture provision. DECD will
notify the taxpayer in the event that the recapture provision
Use Form CT-1120 NJC to claim the credit allowed under
is triggered.
Conn. Gen. Stat. §12-217ii for the creation of new jobs. This
credit is available to any taxpayer subject to the tax under
Use Form CT-1120 SBJ, Small Business Job Creation Tax
Credit, to claim the Qualified Small Business Job Creation tax
Conn. Gen. Stat. §12-202 (insurance premiums tax), Chapter
208 (corporation business tax), or Chapter 212 (utility
credit. Use Form CT-1120 VRJ, Vocational Rehabilitation Job
companies tax) of the Connecticut General Statutes.
Creation Tax Credit, to claim the Vocational Rehabilitation Job
Creation tax credit. Use Form CT-1120 JET, Job Expansion
The New Jobs tax credit allows taxpayers to claim a tax credit
Tax Credit, to claim the Job Expansion tax credit.
in an amount up to 60% of the income tax deducted and
withheld from the wages of new employees and paid over to
the state according to Chapter 229 of the Connecticut General
New job means a job which did not exist in Connecticut prior
Statutes. The credit is administered by the Commissioner of
to the taxpayer’s application and which is filled by a person
the Department of Economic and Community Development
hired by the taxpayer to work at least 35 or more hours per
(DECD). To be entitled to claim the credit, an application
week, and which is not temporary or seasonal.
for an eligibility certificate must be submitted to DECD and
a certificate reflecting the amount of the available credit
Additional Information
must have been issued by DECD. Attach this form to
Contact DECD, 505 Hudson Street, Hartford CT 06106, at
Form CT-1120K, Business Tax Credit Summary, and/or
860-270-8045; see Informational Publication 2010(13),
Form CT-207K, Insurance/Health Care Tax Credit Schedule.
Guide to Connecticut Business Tax Credits; or contact the
The tax credit is claimed in the income year in which it is
Department of Revenue Services, Taxpayer Services Division
earned. Any credit not used in that income year cannot be
at 1-800-382-9463 (Connecticut calls outside the Greater
carried forward or carried back.
Hartford calling area only) or 860-297-5962 (from anywhere).
Credit Computation
Enter the Certificate of Eligibility number issued
by the Commissioner of DECD for the 2012 income year: _________________________________________
Tax Credit: Enter the amount of tax credit certified for the 2012 income year as reflected
on the certificate of eligibility issued by the Commissioner of DECD. Enter also
on Form CT-1120K, Part I-C, Column A and/or Form CT-207K,Part 1-A, Column B.


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