Form Dr 0074 - Pre-Certification Of Qualified Enterprise Zone Business - 2014

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DR 0074 (07/03/14)
Denver, CO 80261-0005
Pre-certification of Qualified Enterprise Zone Business
Note — Beginning January 1, 2012, pre-certification is required prior to performing activities that are eligible for
Enterprise Zone income tax credits. Both pre-certification and the typical certification process can now be facilitated
electronically through the Colorado Department of Economic Development's Enterprise Zone Web page
After reading and signing the affirmation statement for
If you have more than one business location in this
your business, give the form to your Enterprise Zone
enterprise zone that requires precertification, attach a list
Administrator. Enterprise Zone Administrators will sign
of business locations to this form.
their affirmation statement and return the form to the
Complete this form only if you cannot do so electronically.
Electronic submissions reduce errors that may delay the
Certification Instructions: All claimants must complete
processing of your applications and income tax returns.
Section I. Complete any part of Section II, including
For a list of Enterprise Zone Administrators visit
business address, that applies to your tax situation.
I certify that I am aware of the Enterprise Zone program, that Enterprise Zone tax credits are a contributing factor to the
startup, expansion or relocation of my business in the Enterprise Zone, and I acknowledge that this pre-certification is for
activities that shall commence after the date that the Enterprise Zone administrator signs this form to pre-certify, through
the end of my business’s current income tax year.
Business Owner or Authorized Company Official Signature
I hereby certify to the State of Colorado, Department of Revenue, that the above named facility is entirely within the
designated Enterprise Zone; and hereby pre-certify this business in my Enterprise Zone.
Enterprise Zone Administrator
Section I
For tax years beginning after August 6, 2002, this certification is public record and copies will be available from
the enterprise zone administrator.
Check here if this certification is for an earlier tax year
Tax Year Beginning
and is a confidential tax document:
This form certifies that your facility is located within the boundaries of a Colorado Enterprise Zone, and collects
information required by §39-30-103(4), C.R.S.
To claim the Colorado Enterprise Zone income tax benefits:
Calculate your Colorado Enterprise Zone Tax Credits, following the instructions on DR 1366.
If filing electronically, you can expect an email from your Enterprise Zone Administrator within 3–4 business days
of submission. Or, if you must file on paper and would like a copy of this form returned to you by the Enterprise
Zone Administrator, be sure to enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.
Do not send this form to the Department of Revenue or Office of Economic Development and
International Trade for Certification.
Submit a copy of the certified form when you file your Colorado Income Tax return. Certification is not required for
an Enterprise Zone Investment Tax Credit of less than $450. A new form is required each year you claim Colorado
Enterprise Zone Tax Credits.
Note to "S" Corporation and Partnership filers: Please provide to all appropriate partners and shareholders a copy
of the certificate along with a calculation of their proportionate share of any enterprise zone credits claimed and
attach a copy of the DR 0078A to specify the partner/shareholder name, ID number and amount of credit passed
through to them.


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