Sample Cover Letter Template Set


Your Address
Telephone Number
Name of contact person
Name of Organisation
Dear Name (or Sir/Madam as appropriate)
Opening Paragraph: Identify yourself: then indicate the position for which you are
applying and state where you learned about the vacancy (Careers Service,
newspaper, etc.).
Second Paragraph: State why you are interested in this work and this organisation.
Briefly mention your academic background, relevant qualification(s), and related work
experience which qualify you for the position. Summarise your talents and how they
might benefit the employer. (Remember, you are seeking to persuade the reader to
see you).
Third Paragraph: Refer to the fact that you have enclosed your CV or application
form, and draw attention to any further points of relevance to your application.
Final Paragraph: Reiterate your interest and indicate your availability for interview.
Close your letter with a confident statement which will encourage a positive
Yours sincerely (or faithfully)
Your signature, (hand-written)
Your name, in block capitals


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