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Sample Cover Letter
John Q. Graduate
123 Main Street
Anytown, GA, 12345
Warren Peterson
XYZ Group
221 Anystreet
Atlanta, GA, 30303
Dear Mr. Peterson:
I am applying for the position of accounting and auditing specialist, which was advertised
June 7 in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The position seems to fit in very well with my
education, experience, and career interests.
According to the advertisement, your position requires excellent communication skills,
computer literacy, and a bachelor’s degree in business or economics. I will be
graduating from Georgia State University in May 2008 with a BBA degree in accounting.
My studies have included courses in accounting, finance, and management information
systems. I understand the position also requires a candidate who is detail-oriented, works
well under pressure, and has some working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Access
business applications. These are skills I developed in both my course work and in my
recent internship at ABC and Associates.
I believe my background and goals match your requirements well. I am excited about
working in a dynamic firm where I can apply my problem-solving skills.
If you would like to schedule an interview or otherwise discuss my interest in this
position, please call me at 777-888-9999. I will be available at your convenience.
Thank you for your consideration.
John Q. Graduate


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