Sample Unsolicited Letter From A Freshman


An Unsolicited Letter Sample from a freshman
123 Wai Don Building
Yuen Chau Street
March 2014
Mr. Raymond Fung
Senior Advertising Manager
Pico Company Limited
Flat A, Block 4
Summit Gardens
Hong Kong
Dear Mr. Fung,
I should be obliged if you could tell me whether there are currently any junior position of
advertising available within your company. I would appreciate the opportunity to put the
skills I have acquired in the past.
I will graduate from Tung Wah College with Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)
in June this year. My major is Marketing and I am very interested in seeking a position in
the field of advertising.
Last summer, I was employed by Lee & Lee Advertising Agency as an advertising assistant,
where I have obtained valuable practical experience in the areas of research, demographics,
sales forecasts and promotion. I hope to take full advantage of my knowledge and
experience by starting my career with a prestigious company like yours.
Enclosed my résumé and I believe that I am ready for this challenge. If you have no opening
at the moment, please keep my particulars on file.
Thank you for your attention.
Yours sincerely,
Agnes Wong Mei Ling
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