Sample Cover Letter From A Student Applicant


Cover Letters
A cover letter is a letter of introduction that accompanies your résumé. Like a résumé, its
primary function is to help secure you an interview. Therefore, it should be brief, readable, and
to the point. You should work to convince your audience that you are worthy of an interview
because you 1) meet the basic job requirements and have something to offer the company, and
2) are authentically interested in the position.
Along the left hand margin, enter the following information:
• your names and contact information
• the date
• the name of the contact person and his/her contact information
• “Dear X:”
In a brief paragraph, state that you are writing to apply for job X (use the official title from the
job posting). If you were referred by someone, say so. Otherwise, briefly foreshadow what you will
say in the body of your letter: your main skills, plus an explanation of why you are interested in
the position.
Because most cover letters are one page or less, the body of your letter should likewise be brief
(i.e., approximately 1-2 short paragraphs). In the first paragraph, further outline the skills that
you mentioned in your introduction. If need be, you may use a separate paragraph for each
skill/group of skills. Depending on the length of this information, you may choose to include a
section on your interest in the position within the same paragraph, or you may move on to a new
paragraph. This section should be specific and efficient. Don’t go on and on about why this is
your dream job and you can’t live without it. Just let the employer know that you’ve had relevant
experience that indicates to you that you would enjoy the work.
Briefly summarize your main points: how you meet the job requirements. Then, politely ask for
an interview. End on an upbeat note (e.g., I look forward to speaking with you further about this
position). Finally, sign off with a formal “Sincerely” and type and sign your name.
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