Sample Letter To Employee - Fmla/ofla Leave Template


Adopted: 10/09/06
School District 1
Sample Letter to Employee - FMLA/OFLA Leave
The following is a sample cover letter to an employee notifying the employee that the employer is treating
a request for leave as a request for FMLA and/or OFLA leave (either paid or unpaid) that will reduce the
employee’s FMLA and/or OFLA leave entitlement. This letter should be mailed to the employee within
two working days after the employee’s request for the leave along with the FMLA/OFLA notice form.
Dear Employee:
you advised the district that you were requesting a leave under the Family and Medical
Leave Act (FMLA) and/or Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA). Under our policy, leaves of absence that
qualify for family and medical leave under state or federal law run concurrently with other types of leave
such as sick leave, vacation leave, short-term disability leave and leave for a workers’ compensation injury
or illness.
We understand the purpose of your requested leave qualifies as family medical leave under [state] [and/or
federal] law. Accordingly, this letter is to notify you that the leave will be counted against your annual
family and medical leave entitlement. Also attached is a form entitled FMLA/OFLA Notice to Employee
which contains other information for you regarding federal and state family medical leave rights.
Enclosure (FMLA/OFLA Notice to Employee form)
Sample Letter to Employee - FMLA/OFLA Leave - GCBDA/GDBDA-AR(3)


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