Alabama Bill Of Sale To Transfer A Vessel Form


Alabama Bill of Sale To Transfer A Vessel
________________ COUNTY
For and in consideration of the sum of $ ___________________, the receipt of which is hereby
acknowledged, I/we hereby bargain, sell, transfer and deliver unto the following buyer(s) as of the
_______ day of __________________, _________________;
Buyer Name(s) __________________________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________________________
City ___________________________________________________________________________
The following vehicle:
Make: ________________ Model: __________________________ Model Year: ____________________
Hull Serial Number: _____________________________________ Length Ft.: ______________________
Motor Make: _______________________ Motor Serial No.: __________________ HP: ______________
Alabama Registration Decal No. _______________ Decal Yr ____________ Decal Mth _______________
**Boats in Alabama 1972 and newer are required to be registered with a 12 digit hull number. Any
motor must be registered with a serial number and horsepower.
The undersigned as sole owner(s) hereby certify that the above vehicle is free from lien or
encumbrances of any kind. Also, the seller and buyer agree that the vehicle is sold as is.
Seller’s signature
Buyer’s signature
Seller’s Printed Name
Buyer’s Printed Name
Seller Address ___________________________________________
City, State and Zip ________________________________
The seller must provide the buyer copy of registration. The buyer must apply for Alabama
registration transfer with the License Commissioner or County Licensing Official of his/her home county
within fifteen calendar days. There is no grace period for using a boat with an expired registration.


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