Bill Of Sale To Transfer A Vessel

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Bill of Sale To Transfer A Vessel
              _ _____________   C OUNTY  
For   a nd   i n   c onsideration   o f   t he   s um   o f   $ ____________________________   ,   t he   r eceipt   o f   w hich   i s                                                  
hereby   a cknowledged,   I /we   h ereby   b argain,   s ell,   t ransfer   a nd   d eliver   u nto   t he   f ollowing   b uyer(s)    
as   o f   t he   _ _____   d ay   o f__________________________,________________;  
                                B uyer   N ame(s)   _ ___________________________________________________________  
                                  A ddress   _ __________________________________________________________________  
                                  C ity         _ ____________________________________________________________________  
                                    t he   f ollowing   v ehicle:  
            M ake:   _ ________________   M odel:   _ ________________________   M odel   Y ear:______________  
            H ull   S erial   N umber:   _ ______________________________________   L ength   F t.):______________  
            M otor   M ake:   _ _______________   M otor   S erial   N o.:   _ __________________________   H P:   _ _____  
            A labama   R egistration   D ecal   N o.   _ ____________Decal   Y r_______   D ecal   M th   _ ________________  
**Boats   i n   A labama   1 972   a nd   n ewer   a re   r equired   t o   b e   r egistered   w ith   a   1 2   d igit   h ull   n umber.   A ny   m otor  
must   b e   r egistered   w ith   a   s erial   n umber   a nd   h orsepower.  
            T he   u ndersigned   a s   s ole   o wner(s)   h ereby   c ertify   t hat   t he   a bove   v ehicle   i s   f ree   f rom   l ien   o r  
            e ncumbrances   o f   a ny   k ind.   A lso,   t he   s eller   a nd   b uyer   a gree   t hat   t he   v ehicle   i s   s old   a s   i s.  
      S eller’s   s ignature                                                                                                     B uyer’s   s ignature  
      S eller’s   P rinted   N ame                                                                                         B uyer’s   P rinted   N ame  
  S eller   A ddress     _ _______________________________________________  
                  C ity,   S tate   a nd   Z ip________________________________________  
                        T he   s eller   m ust   p rovide   t he   b uyer   c opy   o f   r egistration.   T he   b uyer   m ust   a pply   f or   A labama  
registration   t ransfer   w ith   t he   L icense   C ommissioner   o r   C ounty   L icensing   O fficial   o f   h is/her   h ome   c ounty  
within   f ifteen   c alendar   d ays.   T here   i s   n o   g race   p eriod   f or   u sing   a   b oat   w ith   a n   e xpired   r egistration.  


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