Sample Cover Letter


The purpose of a cover letter is to write a personal letter (usually addressed to the contact person)
announcing why you are sending your resume, your particular interest in the position, and why you
feel you are a “good fit” for the particular position.
Basically, the cover letter is the hand-shake of your initial greeting and encourages them to read your
You may want to think about using a letterhead (with your name, phone, email & address information
already on it) that compliments the style of your resume – i.e. paper, design and font style, etc.
Be careful not to simply repeat what you express in your resume, this is your opportunity to share, on a
more personal level, your interest in the position and your heart for serving in that capacity.
Concentrate on being concise in how you express yourself here. This letter should be to the point,
approximately 2-3 paragraphs (2 or 3 sentences each).
The first paragraph – reference your phone/email conversation (if appropriate) and sets up the
“atmosphere” for encouraging them to keep reading.
The second paragraph – tells why you are interested in the position, your heart for that particular
job/ministry, and why you are good fit for that position.
The third paragraph – closes your letter, encourages them to contact you if additional
information is needed, and thanks them for their time.
DO NOT SIMPLY COPY THIS LETTER– that would defeat the purpose of a cover letter that is
supposed to be from you personally. The following cover letter is to be used only as a guide to assist
you in writing your own cover letter.


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