Teacher Letter To Parents Template - Sample


Sample “Dear Parents” Letter!
Dear Parents,!
I would like to introduce myself as your Room Parent for Mrs.
name). My name is
name). Throughout this school year, I will be
assisting Mrs.
(Teacher’s name)
and sending emails with information about
our classroom and school wide events.!
If you have not registered as an Approved Volunteer, please do so as soon
as possible. It is a requirement to enter the school beyond the front desk.
Even if you do not plan on volunteering, this registration is a must to attend
any events during school hours. More information regarding this can be
found on the LPA website.!
You will also be receiving emails from me through
This is a helpful tool in managing volunteers and donations for class
activities. If you don’t already have an account, please create one - this is
free website. !
Attached is a list of Mrs.
name)’s “Likes and Dislikes” for your
(only if you have these)!
I am looking forward to a super year with Mrs.
name)! Please
let me know if you have any questions!!
Thank you,!
(Your Name)
Updated 9/2/14


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