Sample Letter To Parents Template - Highly Qualified Teacher Status


For Title I Schools and Programs Only
(Parent Notice of Child’s Teacher Not Highly Qualified)
Dear Parent/Guardian:
Earlier this school year you received a letter explaining the new federal law that requires
teachers to be, or become, “Highly Qualified” in the subjects they teach. That law, called the
No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) has been designed to help your child achieve more in school.
The law requires that all teachers must meet a specific, federal definition of “Highly
Qualified” in order to teach in schools that receive federal funding. As you know, our school
receives federal funds to support the programs we offer to your child.
We believe that all of the teachers working in our school are qualified for their teaching
assignments. However, some teachers have not yet met all of the requirements for the federal
designation of “Highly Qualified”.
The new law also requires us to notify parents if their child is being taught for four or
more weeks by a teacher in a Title I school or program who does not yet meet the definition of
“Highly Qualified”.
This letter is to inform you that your child’s teacher, ____________________________,
is in the process of meeting the new requirements and we are providing the support necessary for
success. To ensure that every child in every classroom has a Highly Qualified Teacher, our
school district and the Maine Department of Education are helping teachers meet the
requirements of the federal law by providing several options. Teachers will soon be able to take
a new test, or they can demonstrate their expertise through a combination of college coursework,
professional development activities and experience.
Your child’s teacher is dedicated to the success of every child in the class. I thank you
for your continued support of your child’s education and encourage you to communicate with his
or her teacher on a regular basis so that together we can provide your child with the best
education possible.


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