Sample Letter To Parents From Teacher Template


Letters can be sent to parents or students. It’s
worthwhile to do both—to send separate notes to
parents and to students—so that you begin building
individual relationships with both groups. We’ve found
that kids enjoy zippy postcards with handwritten, short
notes. For parents, you may want to go beyond a
quick, friendly introduction, and use the first letter to
start building a vision of what your classroom
curriculum and community will be like. For some
families, this may be the first time they have received
any form of personal communication from a teacher
before the school year begins.
Letters That Invite Students Into the Classroom
Fourth-grade teacher Janet Nordfors sends a letter
inviting all students and their families to an open
house in her classroom on an evening just before the
first day of school. Her goal is to let students choose
their classroom space. Janet knows that upper-
elementary students cherish their privacy and
growing independence. So by giving them some say
over storage space, desk arrangement, and room
setup, she sends a strong signal about her sensitivity
to their needs. Janet arranges desks in groups of four.
When students visit her classroom, she introduces
herself to put names to faces, and has students try out
several seats to choose one that is suitably sized and
located. From there, she has them make name tags to
go on their desks.
Janet also shows students and parents around the
room, telling them about the different sections such as
the computer center, the homework cubby section, and
the current events bulletin board. She shows students
where to line up when they arrive each morning and
after recess, so that they will not be confused or
worried on the first day.
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from “The Back to School Book” by Suzanne Kaback, Constance Perry, and Brenda Power


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