Sample Media Release Form


Marketing in the Media
Using a Public Service Announcement (PSA)
Contact your local radio station and ask to speak to the PSA or community affairs
director. Give that person your “elevator speech,” stressing the prevalence of fear of
falling in your community. Explain the positive benefits of the A Matter of Balance
workshop, and ask him or her to read your PSA on the air regularly.
If possible, have a past participant read the PSA. You can then include parts of their
experience with fear of falls and A Matter of Balance in the announcement.
Invite the radio station to say “brought to you by [station].” Send a “thank you” letter to
the station, which will remind the PSA director of your “ask,” help strengthen your
relationship, and may lead that person to support you again in the future.
Sample PSA Script (30 seconds)
Do you have concerns about falling? Take control of your life! Consider A Matter of
Balance Workshop, now available in [COUNTY/CITY], beginning [DATE] and meeting 8
times for two-hour sessions. Workshops will teach strategies and tips on how to reduce
falls and promote exercise to increase strength and balance. For details visit
or call [PHONE NUMBER]. That’s [REPEAT NUMBER]. A Matter of
Balance — your path to the healthy life you want. A message from [AGENCY] and


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