Cover Letter Format


Cover Letter Format
Your Address
City, State, ZIP Code
Phone and Email address
Mr., Ms., Dr. First Name Last Name
Employer Organization
Street Address
City, State, ZIP Code
Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. Last Name: (Do NOT use Sir or Madam. If there is absolutely no way you can find out
the correct name, use the title, such as Director of ________, or Recruiter. Never send your résumé to
"whom it may concern!")
First paragraph: Note the name of the position for which you are applying and tell when and where
you heard about it. If you don't know of a specific opening, ask if there are any available openings as a
________, or if there are any positions available in the area of ________. Summarize the primary
accomplishments that qualify you for the position, such as degree, major, years of related experience. Note
somewhere in the letter that you have enclosed a résumé.
Middle paragraph(s): Tell why you are interested in the position and/or the organization. Explain how
your academic and/or experiential background qualifies you for the position/organization. Point out any
related experience or training. Show how your skills fit the description in the ad or how they relate to the
organization's needs based on your research. Do not just repeat or summarize what is in your résumé.
Concluding paragraph: Express your appreciation for their consideration and request the opportunity to
meet. Provide specific information about when and where you may be reached. (Be sure your
answering machine greeting sounds professional.) You may or may not wish to say that you will contact
the addressee in a week to ten days to discuss the possibility of an interview. (In either case, you should
follow up to confirm receipt of your correspondence as well as to promote yourself for the job, unless you
have reason to believe that such calls are regarded as an annoyance in that particular organization or field.)
Your Signature
Your First and Last Name


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