Sample Cover Letter - Alternate Format


Sample Cover Letter – Alternate Format
This format for cover letters, in which you directly address the employer’s requirements, can be
a useful way to detail your qualifications as they specifically relate to the job description. Such a
format may be especially helpful if your experience stems from environments such as military
service, student leadership, course projects, or volunteering. It can also be useful if your
experience spans several different positions or roles, or if your degree is not directly related to
the position. No matter which format you use, always use the language of your field and
keywords from the job description!
July 1, 2014
1245 South Loomis Street
Chicago, Illinois 60600
Mr. Jonathan Aquino
Dorenfest & Associates
9190 N. State St.
Suite 5012
Chicago, Illinois 60699
Dear Mr. Aquino:
I am excited to apply for the Market Research Associate position posted on your website. I
believe my experience, professionalism and research skills will enable me to make an immediate
contribution to your growing firm.
I will soon be completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).
In a variety of full- and part-time positions in business and military organizations, I have acquired
excellent time management, written and oral communication skills. I am extremely goal-driven
and motivated, as evidenced by pursuing my degree while holding full-time employment over
the past several years. Below I have outlined your requirements and my related qualifications:
Research experience / Interview healthcare professionals and gather data:
 Interviewed customers for a satisfaction survey; interviewed and evaluated job applicants
 Conducted extensive one-on-one and phone interviews as a part of a class project
concerning the effect of socio-economic, sex, race, and education levels on youth
unemployment in Chicago.
Analyze data:
 Compiled and analyzed data using Excel; wrote detailed reports which were provided to
 Compiled a database to target by demographics and income levels of prospective customers,
resulting in a 25% increase in sales.
Strong written and oral communication skills:
 Resolved disputes and service issues for customers, clients and high-ranking military officers.


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